It was great to see everyone back at school on Monday. We have a new student with us. Tofunmi is her name. It has already been a very exciting two days with a couple of new things:

New Playground
The students are loving every moment that they are spending in this enjoyable new space.

Worship Team
This term, Year 1 and Year 2 students will be participating in the Worship choir. They had their first taste of being on stage on Tuesday. 

Participation is voluntary. Should a student choose to be part of this choir, they spend the first half of every Monday lunch at rehearsal. They will then lead the Primary students in singing at Primary Chapel every other Tuesday. If you would like to join us for Primary Chapel, the dates are:

7th and 21st August
4th and 18th September

It is an 8.50 start.


  1. Marlie told us all about new starter Tofunmi, Welcome Tofunmi to a beautiful class / School
    So excited to see what term 3 brings !!!


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