We have had a fantastic time this term with students taking turns at being Teacher for a day. They had options to sit at the teacher's table, read a book to the class or teach something new to their friends. They could do all three if they wanted to. Here are some pictures to enjoy.

Tofunmi read Little Miss Chatterbox

Jaano read "What do you do with an idea?"

No prizes for guessing what Emily did.

Samuel taught us about sharks and brought in some shark teeth.

Isla taught us about dolphins.

Marlie shared about her pet dog Pretzel.

Sam talked about his transformer.

Eli answered some questions on tigers.

Seraphine's First Day book resonated with all of us.

Lincon invited his paramedic Grandpa.

Sarah made a riveting presentation on Ants.

Hannah taught us how to make reindeer using candy canes.


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